Audio Mixing

Our facility is equipped with:

  • Acoustically correct editing and mixing rooms
  • Latest technologies of advanced audio plugins
  • Advanced Digital audio workstations (DAW’s)
  • High end audio monitoring equipment 
  • Trained and experienced mastering engineers


Audio Mixing

Mixing takes place at the beginning of the audio post-production. Mixing is the process where our mixing engineers ‘mold’ and ‘balance’ the individual tracks in an audio project to sound cohesive when played together. Our mix engineers reduce imbalances between audio elements by adjusting balance and color, tightening rhythmic patterns, and emphasizing important audio elements with tools such as EQ, compression, panning, and effects such as reverb. 

Summitstar Studios uses the latest technologies in computer hardware combined with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), such as Pro Tools, to record, organize, and mix audio tracks. Inside of a DAW, Summitstar’s mix engineers use advanced audio plug-ins such as Waves Mercury and iZotope, to add, enhance, analyze, or correct the audio within the project.

Summitstar Studios is equipped with the proper acoustic room elements to assist our engineer can develop a great-sounding mix. Contact us today and take your project to the next level.