Studio D

Studio D is a state of the art Live Room used for band rehearsals, musical recordings, foley recording, group ADR sessions, and other audio recording and live streamed performance options. For example, a musical guest can appear on a podcast in real time. Audio and video feeds from Studio D can be managed by a technician in Studio A, and incorporated into a podcast, or other live stream or planned production. Studio D is a start of the art recording studio with the latest in advanced communication and recording technologies. Studio D is complete with video playback to assist with recordings such as foley and ADR.

Studio D was engineered with specific acoustic treatments and technical elements to ensure high quality audio recordings. Even the air conditioning system was designed to be completely noise free.

Coming Soon


Studio D features and equipment:

  • Connectivity with editorial suites 
  • Wifi controlled LED wall lighting
  • General mood lighting
  • Acoustic wall and ceiling treatments
  • Numerous microphone options
  • Digital and analog studio wiring
  • 2 & 4K video playback 
  • Digital and analog recording
  • Teleprompter
  • Silent air conditioning