Studio C

Studio C is a spacious 80 square foot isolated vocal booth designed to produce the cleanest sounding vocals and isolated recordings possible. Studio C enables the capture of high-quality audio recordings for narration, interviews, podcasting, and other purposes. Studio C is complete with video playback to assist with recordings such as foley and ADR.

Studio C is also pressure regulated and silently temperature controlled to ensure recording sessions maintain a comfortable environment. With 8 dedicated headphone feeds and 24 digital microphone lines, Studio C is equipped to handle all of your needs.

Vocal Booth


Studio C features and equipment:

  • Connectivity with editorial suites
  • Wifi controlled LED wall lighting
  • General mood lighting
  • Acoustic wall and ceiling treatments
  • Numerous microphone options
  • Digital and analog studio wiring
  • 2 & 4K video playback 
  • Digital and analog recording
  • Teleprompter
  • Silent air conditioning
  • Pressure regulation
  • 24 digital microphone feeds
  • 8 dedicated headphone feeds
  • Video matrix connectivity integration