Sound Design

Slider Audio Editing

Summitstar sound designers are experts at:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Sampling
  • Modifying effects chains
  • Sound editing
  • Underscore
Sound Design services include:
  • Expert sound designers and engineers
  • Latest technologies in audio editing software and plugins
  • Multiple high end audio recording studios
  • Custom mixing rooms and facilities


Sound Design

Summitstar Studios offers premium sound design services. 

A motion picture can have beautiful visuals, but to really immerse the audience in the drama, a motion picture has to have good sound. The sounds within motion picture productions include anything from snappy lines of dialogue and inspiring film scores, to a careful mixture of in-scene music and sound effects. That audio mixture is called sound design.

Sound design is the craft of creating an overall sonic palette for a piece of art, especially media like film, TV shows, live theater, commercials, and podcasts. It can also apply to multimedia visual art forms (video art) and even music recordings that incorporate ambient sounds or sound effects.

The six main elements of sound design:

  • Voice-over
  • Ambiance
  • Foley sounds
  • Audio effects
  • Music
  • Live microphones (Live theater)