Content Studios

Summitstar Studios has multiple studio options available. From fully customizable studio spaces, to comfortable and inviting editing suites, Summitstar Studios has a highly unique appeal. Our comfortable studio spaces are a breeding ground for creativity.

Musical guests can be broadcast from Studio D, our Live Room. A stand up talent soundstage, Studio B, is available as well. All of our studios are wired to our main video switcher allowing content to be switched live from anywhere in our facility.

Features and general facility equipment:

  • Wifi controlled LED wall lighting
  • 2, 4, 6 and 8K cinema camera options
  • Prime and variable prime cinema lenses
  • Lectrosonics wireless lavalier options
  • Schoeps, Neumann, Rode, and other high end microphones 
  • TelePrompters 
  • 55” – 90” monitors
  • Audio / video recorders
  • Audio / video routers & converters
  • Jibs, steadicams, gimbals, motion dollies
  • Audio, graphics & editing workstations
  • Full grip & lighting packages available
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Studio A is our fully customizable main audio and video podcast studio.


Studio B is a customizable 400 square foot studio with a 19’ ceiling.


Studio C is an isolated vocal booth designed to produce the cleanest sounding vocals and isolated recordings possible.


Studio D is a state of the art Live Room used for band rehearsals, musical recordings, foley recording, group ADR sessions, and other audio recording and live streamed performance options.