John Voight



Vice President


John Voight was born on September 11th, 1971 in Batavia Illinois, a town just outside of Chicago, Illinois. John and his family then resided in Colorado from 1979 to 1985, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona when John was in the 8th grade.

John first demonstrated his interest in photography while attending high school, although he thought of it more as a hobby than a career. While attending high school, John also met Michael Giannantonio, who was currently the lead guitarist of a the popular local band “Nitefire”. Their friendship seemed natural given John’s main goal was to make a mark in the music industry promoting concerts and managing bands. In 1993 John moved to Denver, Colorado and attended the Colorado institute of art. After a short time, John realized this just wasn’t for him. He left school early and returned to Arizona with a newly discovered passion, videography. John also followed another passion of his, caring for physically and mentally challenged individuals, something John still does to this day.

Shortly after his return to Arizona, John reconnected with Michael Giannantonio and soon found himself chasing his passion for videography filming Michael’s magic and hypnosis stage shows. John requested Michael join him attending video production courses at a local college. The duo then attended Glendale Community College where they studied video production technologies. As a final project, the duo produced the short film, “The Devil Inside” which soon went on to win the 2005 New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards. After attending the festival, John joined Michael as Vice President of Summitstar Films & Entertainment and the duo established a development and post production facility in a popular Phoenix arts district. While this venture ultimately failed, John knew his presence in the arts industry was far from over. After regrouping, John has since produced and executive produced many short films, feature films, commercials and music videos.

John currently serves as Vice President of Summitstar Studios, a full service production and post production facility constructed in 2022 by Michael Giannantonio. John is also currently the host of Summitstar Studios new podcast titled “The Indie Artist”. John looks forward to long and successful career leading the Summitstar Studios family.